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B.A. (신학 학사)

In keeping with the Biblical tradition, a degree program of Bachelor of Arts in Religion will (1) provide a good Biblical foundation for the personal development of students, (2) enable the students to select further study for personal enrichment and to develop Biblical skills needed for a more effective Christian witness, and (3) train terminal majors for the ministry as pastors, evangelists, Christian educators, youth ministers or missionaries.

M.A. (상담학 석사)

The Master of Arts in Christian Counseling degree provides in-depth course work for those who wish to be equipped with counseling competence needed to assist Christian individuals and families both in and out of the local church context. The goals of the Master of Arts in Christian Counseling program are to 1) prepare students for practical counseling ministry; and 2) prepare students for counseling related services in church and community

M.Div.(목회학 석사)

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) program is designed to equip the student for a full-time professional Christian ministry. Its objective is to stimulate the student to establish an adequate foundation for the beginning of ministry and for the lifelong process of learning and experience. This entails an accurate knowledge of the Word of God, the source of faith, and the effective means of its communication. The course of study is therefore designed to achieve a proper balance between the academic, the practical and the personal. 

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